Greensboro, NC – December 4, 2008 – Leigh Huffman has opened basicleigh
marketing, a full-service marketing and communications company positioned
as an external support service for a company’s in-house promotional efforts.

Huffman said, “Many companies have been forced to reduce staff,
and cuts from marketing departments are common. Maintaining a
marketing plan is vital, even if it means paring back to the basics.
We develop ways to retain and increase business during a tough
economy, using methods that are creative, comprehensive
and cost-effective.”

Emphasizing the need for renewed focus on a company’s
existing and prospective customer base, Huffman continued,
“Customer service has suffered in recent years, and that is
never acceptable. Now is the time to foster a positive
presence with your customers. Let them know you want their
business, make sure they perceive your product as critical to
their success, and assure them that you will take care of
them. Then do so.”