A graduate of UNCG’s fine arts program, Leigh Huffman has more than three decades of experience in marketing, graphics, prepress, printing and advertising.  For the past 12 years, she has developed comprehensive marketing programs while leading the communications departments of three international companies.

Leigh’s artistic talent and diversified background combine to create a marketing powerhouse — from conceptual development through end production.  Her ability to conceive business-boosting strategies coupled with an innovative approach makes for extremely effective campaigns for any product, service or industry.

basicleigh marketing is a team of very talented, experienced individuals with expertise in writing, graphic design, illustration, photography, website development and printing. They are excellent at what they do…they enjoy what they do…and they never settle for less — never less than a high quality result at a fair price.

The team at basicleigh marketing has the education, the talent and the passion to help you become